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My Illusion


Sweet Love

Love Song

Fool Me


“Its pristine sonic quality makes The Rue's laid-back, ruminative qualities shine on tracks like the soothing "My Illusion" and the bluesy, unwinding "Fool Me.”’

Christa Titus, Billboard (Full interview)

“We’re swept away in a sea of romance, but maybe not the kind you usually hear about. Far from words about physical love, the majority of these tracks touch upon love and how we deal with it in our minds. The games we play, the distances we create, even when none truly exist, and the uneasiness that we bring to our relationships are all covered within. The conviction that shines through in Rylie’s voice carries the music up and away, giving you the feeling that she’s a truly old soul. And there is really no one that could hold this together finer than Chris, whose beautiful phrasing and unique chord voicings make him an indispensable part of this duo.”

Barry Adkins, Target Audience Magazine (Review)

"The Rue is an interesting combination not only of father and daughter, but obviously of youth and experience: Rylie’s lively voice coupled with Chris’ seasoned guitar style makes for an exciting sound where each plays off the other. Her youthful spirit gives the songs that modern edge, while his proficiency at crafting songs lends a more evolved sound to the music.”

Christiana Skye, Sonic Cathedral 

Anchor 7


TenFoot Penguin Studios


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